We do all General & Cosmetic Dental Care

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and most bridges are prosthetics that are fixed on the teeth or existing implants that only a doctor can extract. The crown covers the visible part of a tooth restoring shape, size, strength and appearance.If you are missing one tooth or a couple of teeth, a crown or a dental bridge can be an effective and affordable way to restore your smile.Our dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap to receive crowns, and in collaboration with our partnering dental lab, our dentist will design a porcelain bridge with crowns on either end to anchor the bridge. As in the case of dental crowns, your crown and bridge treatment will leave you with a beautiful and naturally appearing smile.

Deep cleaning

At Comfy Dental Group, we use state-of-the-art technology and water spray tools which offers greater comfort to the patient and makes the procedure for the removal of calculus (tartar) much more effective. This achieves a smoother and more effective treatment within a shorter time scale than conventional treatment.

White Fillings

Our specialists offer you the possibility to improve your smile using our white fillers, which not only improve the aesthetics of your teeth but also serves as a restorative solution. That’s why our dentist guarantees beauty and durability in one service.


Our hands are miraculous so that our patients do not fear the pain caused by an extraction process. Now with advanced resources we guarantee that you feel nothing but the pleasure of having an increasingly healthy set of teeth. That is why we consider:

  • Your oral health
  • Type of anesthesia or sedation
  • Number of teeth
  • Scope or need for surgery
  • Type of tooth
  • All our work is based on dental extraction as a last option.

Root canal therapy

Root canal treatment is used to salvage a tooth that is severely damaged by plaque. It involves the removal of deteriorated or infected nerves and tissues from the root of the tooth. In many cases, some patients require up to two clinic visits, for example if the affected tooth has several roots. We guarantee that you have the best care in our facilities and that your problem is resolved with immediacy and guarantee.

Partial and Full Dentures

As for the dentures and partial dentures that we offer in our clinic, not only do we use durable and safe products but we also ensure the quality and aesthetics of the dentures. Our goal is that every moment in your life is a moment of laughter and joy with the full satisfaction of our work and the ability to fulfill your wishes.

The best solution to getting a beautiful and healthy smile is in our hands. Let us become the daily reason for your eternal smile